Cult of Sovereignty

Hardwick Hall ->

October 15th

This was probably the best guided tour I’ve ever been on. It probably helps that we were guided by our lecturer who spent years working at this site. She gave us so much to think about and brought our lectures to life in the context of Hardwick hall and the people who resided here.

We started in the Old Hall -> dissecting the ruins, their location, the original construction and what their ruins have meant through the ages. This was also a good point to discuss the construction of the new hall and how the three sites (the old and new hall and Chatsworth), and their many other holdings were used by the Devonshire Family.

In the New Hall, we looked in more detail a the Cult of Sovereignty and the symbolism of the site (both for the Devenshires and for Elizabeth  I). We followed the processional route and looked at the use of light and the manipulation and management of space.  We also discussed this in terms of modern visitors and the visitor experience.

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