All That Glitters Is Not Gold

December, the month my life became consumed by Christmas, while you’re probably thinking isn’t everyone’s?  I was over the ‘Christmas spirit’ by the end of October. I worked in the stock department maintaining the Christmas section, baubles, garland and glitter all day every day. as a grown adult I have never been covered in so much glitter (I think I even gave a few 90s kids a run for their money). You could say that every day our shipments were like Christmas except none of it was for you and it was usually stuff we already had too much of. After all that you’de probably be surprised to hear I actually enjoyed my position (just preferably covered in less glitter).

December 1st my class had a study visit at Boughton house. we were instructed to dress warmly as the house has not been heated in the past 100 years. now when you tell a Canadian to dress warmly we have completely different standards, so I layered up. Within two minutes of being in the house started layering off. Not completely because they weren’t lying about the cold. most of my course mates lost feeling in their toes and I had to remind them to keep wiggling them (always take care of your feet, now I sound like my grampa). We did receive a fantastic tour from the archivist who is on a mission to trace the provenance of everything in the collection. We also were able to look at some new finds from the archives.

What was I saying about Christmas, of yes, completely consumed? While in the library trying to work on my last paper for the term (motivations at a low) I received a phone call for a job I had long forgotten I had applied for. Christmas Elf. Later that day I  went down to the mall and was told to come in for my first shift the next day. So for the next two weeks, I would juggle both jobs often running directly from one to the other (complete with quick change). It certainly didn’t hurt to have the extra paycheck.

December 13th we had our end of term lecture at Lamport Hall wich wrapped up the term with only one paper left to submit.

I was meant to complete my contract at work on the 23rd but I was offered a new position which would start in the new year so my contract was extended, this meant I would have to be back at work after Christmas Tuesday morning 7 am.  This all sounds well and good until I left Leicester to spend Christmas with family friends before realising that there were no trains running on Monday so it would be impossible to do the 3 hour trip in time. Luckily my manager realised this was an unavoidable problem and let me come in late.

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