City of Eternal Spring

In the Summer of 2010, I took part in International Student Volunteers ISV -> a program for community engagement and conservation in countries around the world.  The most popular choice was Australia but I wanted to go to Thailand. In the end, I applied for Ecuador with Croatia and Thailand as backups.  I was accepted to the Ecuador conservation program and was able to apply for transfer credits through Auburn University.

July 17 depart for Quito -> Ecuador

July 18th

  • Arrive in Quito
  • Get to house with Molly Robin Rose ad Joey

July 19th –

  • Spanish Lessons
    • Seperated into Groups.
  • Home for lunch
  • latin dance lessons
  • got Tshirts
  • Went to internet cafe
  • Week 1 Spanish and Cultural Lessons

July 20th

  • Spanish Lessons
  • tour of colonial Quito
  • internet cafe -phoned home

July 21st

  • Spanish Lessons
  • salsa dancing
  • Dinner at Q
  • Ladies night – Bungalo 6
  • Park Adventure

July 22nd

  • Spanish Lessons
  • Market fruit tasting
  • cooked traditional Ecuadorian meal
  • Teleferiqo – took a cable car up the mountain
    • hiked further
    • rode horse back up near the volcano
    • 13365 ft at top of cable car
    • took the cable car down – walked rest

July 23rd

  • Spanish Lessons
  • other projects left
  • lunch with Inti Llacta group
  • bag shopping
  • called home
  • picked up 2 new people
  • bus to Inti Llacta
  • academic credit talk

Below Are my Notes

We were divided into groups based on our prior Spanish knowledge, even though I had taken grade 10 Spanish in grade 9 I has zero memory of the language so I was in the basic class. We covered simple introduction and conversation, what we would actually be using in our time here.

Tuesday – Colonial Area Tour

Monday & Wednesday – Salsa Lessons – I have zero skills for this.

Thursday – Ecuadorian Market

Friday – We Cooked the food from the market. The girls I was rooming with went to the Teleferiqo ->  once up the cable car we rode horseback further up the mountain towards the volcano for amazing views in all directions. All that was left to do was leave for our volunteer project

Conservation Project


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