Conservation Is A State Of Harmony Between Men And Land

July 24th 2010

  • tour of reserve – explanation of projects
  • soccer with community

We had a tour of the Inti LLacta Reserve ->. Below are my notes

  • We walked through the coffee field in old pasture lands.
  • Sustain forestation and increase productivity an economic benefit.
  • Garden – could possibly introduce sister plants, plants, when grown in groups, help each other grow. e.g. stalk plant vine plant and earth level plant. stalk helps vine grow ground level protect roots
  • Pigs – provide food as well as agricultural benefits. clear brush, turn the soil, prepare land for planting 3-4 month time.
  • Chickens provide eggs as well as food- easily maintained
  • Trail – established to provide an opportunity for research and teaching. bird research conducted with use of mesh nets to catch birds for observation and then released.
  • Ponds – raise types of bass for food easily raised in shallow water
  • Compost – recycle all biodegradable food for use as natural fertiliser. routinely rotate compost for optimal composition
  • Wax palm tree- endangered research conducted for the preservation of the species
  • Labelling of trees for species inventory purposes
  • Constructions of bridges for trail access as well as the brick section of trail – helps with erosion problems. preservation of natural breeding areas eg flowers. holds water which is excellent for frog breeding.
  • Invisible wing butterfly – an example of species adaptation
  • Plants growing up the tree for easier access to the sun
  • Cows – make use of pasture lands produce dairy products for the reserve and community
  • Greenhouse – built for purpose of research on germination of the wax palm tree to be turned into butterfly form for research on species activities such as caterpillar and plant vegetation
  • Old stable – the compost of leaves chicken excrement. stables to be refurbished for new usage.
  • Ziplines – attracts tourists who then learn about the reserve and the different projects



  • Volunteers give:
    • Different places different knowledge and perspective different mindset. experience different cultural knowledge
    • Set ideas in motion
    • Enthusiasm helps self-esteem – appreciate their way of life
    • Role models – volunteers reach out. good atmosphere
    • Efficient – fast hands make light work
    • Give up time for volunteer
    • Have time to focus on tourism to make money and fund projects
    • Take experience/info and give to the home community
    • Encourage other to volunteer/participate
    • Donations literal giving
    • Education
    • Spark ideas in other communities to follow the example


Community – 40-50 Families

  • Many immigrate from the coast – work then leave
  • Many don’t own lands – don’t understand what it meant o won land
  • Needs funds for community house – not a legal town so can’t get funding
  • Many people own vacation house – not involved in community

We played soccer with locals – great icebreaker/introduction to the community (and of course they beat us)

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land” – Aldo Leopold

ISV Cultural WeekTomorrow


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