Small Acts, When Multiplied By Millions Of People, Can Transform The World

July 25th 2010

  • Work on coffee fields -wedding
  • made bread with Becky in kitchen
  • 1st Discussion

Below are my notes:

Biodiversity – is, in essence, everything. biodiversity is all hereditarily based variation at all level of organization from the genes within a single local population or species to the species composing all or part of a local community and finally o the communities themselves that compose the living parts of the multifarious ecosystems of the world genetic variety – numbers and frequency of ecosystems genetic composition abundance of species in a given area.

Ecotourism – responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people.

Mid – elevation cloud forest – lush with high biomass densely spaced trees, the genetic variability that exists in a population is critical to the population’s ability to withstand stochastic change in its environment tropics host 50% of all species on earth, highest biodiversity in the planet, ecosystems of the tropics also have the highest species richness of any land area

Coffee fields

  • One tree for shade, another or biomass, another fo fruit, another for wood
  • The field used to be grass pasture
  • Planted trees to get oxygen in the ground – useful to restore and fertilise
  • Grass very overtaking
  • Plant coffee 1.5m between each 2m between lines
  • Coffee needs shade always – can be shared with tourists
  • Coffee provides much service and goods
  • Attitude gives special flavour – organic also

Agroforest system -creates corridors to connect forest

  • Cutting trees kills roots allows water & oxygen in
  • Needs contact with the ground to decompose and fertilise


  • Cut yuka with machete; peel, rinse, cut, mash, roll




  1. increase my knowledge in the field of ecotourism and sustainable development as well as what can be done for conservation elsewhere
  2. learn the history of the local community as well as for the region
  3. hopefully, have our presence and our actions make a difference for the community and the reserve projects

Journal benefits – memories souvenier

Sustainability – continued in future continuous progress maintain self-sufficient within itself for new and future

Organic – reuse what they use for benefit of land

Pillars – dedication, sustainability, social, economic, political, cultural sustainability vs economic growth, community development.

Have the community support itself within – not outsource

English helps with tourism – give and take best

Language intro to culture – a new view on life

Adult/child equality

Conservation – rethink reduce reuse recycle

International year of biodiversity

Excellent opinions posed; contrasting and strengthening each other

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” ― Howard Zinn

Yesterday Tomorrow



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