Take Only What You Need And Leave The Land As You Found It.

July 26th 2010

  • Prepare to build greenhouse remove barbed wire fence
  • move wood replant trees
  • remove shit from compost
  • Jill vs Robin Wrestling

Below are my notes:

Greenhouse Preparation

Land prepared/cleared by pigs over 3-4 month period – moved to clear elsewhere

Removed barbed wire fencing and cleared grass from surrounding are. Removed fence poles and any debris in cleared area such as tree roots or grass. Turned soil and level ground for the construction of the greenhouse which will grow plants that don’t grow well with excessive water. Other prepared plants for transplant by placing them in small bags of soil. The removal of weeds from the grown plants was also important so that more oxygen and nutrients could be absorbed trees were planted at the entrance to the nature trail which provides more shade and a transition into the forest. These actions are necessary for the improvement of the self-sufficiency of the resource and conservation of areas and species.


Movement of wood (from the reserve) up the trail to be brought to a carpenter for sanding then to be constructed into shelves for the kindergarten class at Mira Flores – a donation from the reserve.

Drainage of water from compost well and laying out of compost to be dried and later turned into and used as fertiliser. Replanting of saplings from small bags into larger bags with fresh soil for later planting throughout the reserve. Others continued weeding of the garden which allows for nutrients to reach the roots of the plants. a group prepared lesson plans and went to the community to teach English to those wishing to learn and also to play soccer.

Yesterday Tomorrow



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