A Society Is Defined Not Only By what It Creates, But By What It Refuses To Destroy.

July 27th 2010

  • prepare butterfly garden
  • remove shells from ground
  • create paths, move dirt, pull weeds, move trees,
  • played ecuavaolly
  • unloaded wood from Quito

Below are my notes

Two people assisted the workers from the reserve by going to Quito in a rented truck to retrieve donated wood which is to be used int he community and reserve.

butterfly garden

  • another tour option instead of the zip line or trails
  • a system designed by researchers – developed into a garden fro general interest. need easy access to the site
  • study process of metamorphosis
  • layout
    • enter through the coffeee field. banner at entrance introducing the butterflies and tools. larvae info, cacoon info, butterfly cycle info and adult info. entrance through the back. chamber to hold in butterflies

coffee seeds – organic cooperative

  • organic certified coffee
  • in process of making industries to produce coffee
  • revenue for community and reserve

garden/greenhouse was in use for an experiment on wax palm trees. hard ground from the stable which used t be here/ shells from tree seeds on the ground needs to be removed. trail needs to be laid out and soil brought in. garden at the exit before guests head back. plastic need to be enclosed over the roof to keep heat in. Add a pond to help species rest and get minerals. removed shells from ground laid pathways, pulled weeds, removed saplings from the greenhouse. emptied soil from unusable ones into planting area pulled weeds from cement area to make entrance outdoor walkway usable. moved dirt into the greenhouse to create mounds for planting plants for butterflies.

removed wood brought from Quito from truck to be used for kindergartern.

made great progress. really nice to see the difference in the work we did


Discussion – consumerism

movie – the story of stuff

extraction, production, distribution, consumer, disposal,

people, government, corporation

extraction – natural resource exploitation

  • first limit 1/3 natural resources gone last few years 2000 trees/min gone in amazon

production – mix toxins with natural resources. 100,000 synthetic materials human breast milk – highest toxic dose

  • factory workers – exposed to toxins
  • a constant supply of workers because of lack of work with resources
  • people and resource waste

byproducts/pollution – higher than product toxin – factories overseas

distribution – selling fast, externalising costs

consumer – 6 months after purchase 1% still in use consumer goods valued over healthcare. sustainability, justice

  • perceived obsolescence – changed look to make the same product look new & desirable media 3000 ads/way work watch spend cycle

disposal 4/5 lbs/day garbage – pollute

  • burning garbage releases toxins into the air
  • recycle – reduces pressure at start and end
  • not enough – recycling plants, cause pollution some designed and not recyclable

linear system – circular equity and sustainability

I shouldn’t have bought….

the discussion didn’t seem overly productive rather off topic- lots of Segways

“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.” ― John C. Sawhill

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