Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet Everything Is Accomplished.

July 29th 2010

  • painted platforms
  • carried rocks up the mountain for canopy tour
  • learnt capoeira – Brazilian dance/fight

Below Are My Notes:

Worked on Ziplines – aka carried metal platforms through the cloud/up the cloud forest

  • cleaned and Painted the platforms, poles, ladders and tools for the use by tourists – supports ecotourism

others continued work on the construction of the new greenhouse

a group went to the community to continue teaching English

carried rocks up near the canopy – bridges – helps with ecotourism. ecotourism main income for the reserve – funds projects and external needs such as what the reserve itself does not supply

I volunteer Becuase I have the means to contribute to a good cause and the satisfaction that what I help with can make a huge difference to someone. or efforts are greatly beneficial to the ecotourism aspects here.

Discussion – Ecotourism

  • responsible travel to fragile areas, teaches tourists, funds conservation
  • benefits the ecological development
  • directly affects this reserve
  • small-scale protected helps the community
  • national reserves – don’t fit ecotourism – first thought for ecotourism
  • travel agency using ecotourism as tour
  • fighting for tourist – competing. too many tourists might be harmful to nature
  • ecotourism suggestions – tour of organic farming, horse tours, platforms along zip lines, rock climbing etc
  • Hotels/restaurants – organic/local ingredients, wind power small sizes Tupperware charge plastics funding/finances
  • gov’t large corporations tax deduction donations material donations volunteers foreign owner projects

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

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