We Cannot Command Nature Except By Obeying Her.

July 30th 2010

  • Mindo – rode in back of truck
  • almost got rammed by a cow
  • tubed down river – got run over by tube
  • swam in a river
  • ate at ‘le chef’
  • called home
  • rode back in the rain


Below are my notes

Mindo – Tourist Town

  • Rented 2 Trucks for the day – rode to Mindo
  • went tubing down the river with two guides in each set of tubes navigating the rocks from the guides told us about a swimming place in another section of the river
  • split into groups for lunch
  • used internet cafe for internet access and phone usage

was only ecotourism in the sense they didn’t interrupt or change the river for their gain rather used already existing river to their advantage.

wasn’t ecotourism because of the lack of environmentally friendly actions such as using vehicles for transportation upstream constantly. lack of teaching about the environment despite many opportunities – much more along the lines of economic growth with the allusion of ecotourism -eg cost 3$ to just go into a river and 6$ to go to a waterfall. because of the tourist designation of the town the prices were noticeably higher than even those of Quito. there were adrenaline based activities in Mindo which acted as a tourist draw as does the zip lines at Inti llacta. however, from my tourist experience, i left with no new knowledge of the land species/issue they face. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the area and realise the draw the town has to tourists but not to understand its importance or the impact we have on the area. eg whether the money they earn from the tourist does into preservation/conservation or just to the pockets of the business owner or just to further tourist attractions.

“We cannot command Nature except by obeying her.” Francis Bacon

Yesterday Tomorrow


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