Conservation Must Be More Than A Convenient Slogan.

July 31st 2010

  • Minga at community
  • hoed weeds
  • levelled ground
  • brought poles from reserve
  • rain called off soccer game – dancing instead


Below are my notes:

  • Minga – at the community shool
    • removed weeds and levelled the ground – moved soil
    • built/furnished cover for the sand area- brought in the sand
    • cleaned school floors windows desk chairs
    • brought poles from reserve to school to build the cover larger for the water area

discussion – Initiative by Ecuador gov’t

  • Yasuni natural park – more species than all NA
  • proposal: in turn for not burning oils they should be compensated for the money they would have earned
  • move to sustainable development mod- reforestation conservation natural regrowth
  • in 20yrs what’s stopping other countries from taking over – oil hungry
  • the condition for giving money
  • avoids foreign company invading exploiting resources. no destruction of reserve – still gets 1/2 money. people find loopholes. preserve because you can.

“Conservation must be more than a convenient slogan” -MARIA CANTWELL

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