Art Is The Cultural Bedrock Of A Civilisation And Its Worth Is Beyond Measure.

August 1st 2010

  • Yumbo Museum ->
  • lunch at the reserve
  • truck to Nanegaleto
  • called home
  • movie night – babel


Below are my notes:

Yumbo Museum ca. 800-1600, 1000-1500 people


Pi Chincha 1660 20 cm layer of ash

ended yumbo culture here – migrated elsewhere site abandoned till 1870 other people migrated from southern provinces – Spanish indigenous

  • cultivate beans, pepper, corn – went to the coast for trade made french like roads for travel
  • always buried artefacts – take to the afterlife


pool structured like animals – water and white sediment made cement to hold rocks

  • ritual ceremonial in purpose didn’t bathe
  • only the higher class allowed in – lower class stood on the terrace overlooking
  • hunting-gathering/agricultural
  • when the sky was clear it reflected star in water through was closer to them
  • water was an important element
  • could happen every day – if the water was available and clear sky
  • water filtered first in another pool only pure water
  • a grass base drainage system



  • language  – ancient colorado – evolved into safika
  • don’t know the dress
  • the role of men/women equal – performed their role
    • women house small hunting
    • men commerce etc
  • monogamous hierarchical – community
  • the land was everyone’s
  • possessions buried with the person


  • made contact for trade but never settled
  • 1510 contact 1534 defeated b Spanish


  • communication- religious symbols
  • Fonsal – English book

another great tourist location however once again doesn’t incorporate any info about nature or current community. it was a great experience to go into Nanagelito to compare Mindo, a tourist location in a relatively more private town.

“Art is the cultural bedrock of a civilisation and its worth is beyond measure.” ~Richard McKinley

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