Look Deep Into Nature, And Then You Will Understand Everything Better.

August 2nd 2010

  • Butterfly Garden
  • transplanting trees – finished
  • ended works on butterfly garden

Below are my notes:

continued work on the butterfly garden. moved more soil into the unfinished areas. started planting various plants which are important for the attraction of butterflies as well as for breeding. continued transplanting more adlers into larger bags to help their growth as well as replenish the nutrients in the bags. viewed an area typical for butterfly eggs shown examples of the process through which butterflies are harvested/raised as well as how they are identified. resumed work at butterfly garden making progress inside the greenhouse as well as preparing the garden along the walkway where guests will enter. finished transplanting the trees and cleaned the area.

today’s experience really made us in touch in the work we are doing by getting to see some of the species in various forms that will appear in the garden great motivation to complete the project so that butterflies can start to be contained and monitored for greater understanding/conservation of species as well as the vegetation which is essential for their survival.

enclosed the bottom of the greenhouse to secure the species inside as well as keep unwanted insects/animals which ould be detrimental to the survival of the butterflies that plants or a nuisance to the guest’s comfort/enjoyment of the garden

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

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