Take Only Memories, Leave Nothing But Footprints

August 4th, 2010

  • Replaced Zipline Platforms
  • construction of greenhouse roof
  • Cooked for everyone

Below are my notes:

Moved platforms to the zip lines to replace the old broken ones. this ensures the safety of the tourists as well as the workers and benefits the ecotourism.

Another group woke up early to help with the bird monitoring – catching labelling – for the reserve records and to understand the birds in their habitats better.

Continued work on the greenhouse/vegetable garden. added roof supports to hold up the wall/out material. really enjoy the work/progress of this area. very good feeling to know our work in this area will benefit everyone here on the reserve.

Others carried more rocks to help establish bridges for the canopy tour which will greatly further the ecotourism of the reserve and allow for better funding of the current projects.

Spanish-English lessons in the community very open lessons soccer great enthusiasm when teachers show up.

The past two weeks have been a great learning experience both for conservation and personally. I feel much more aware of what is going on around me in all aspects around the world which help me appreciate the efforts people are taking in both my community and here on the reserve. in my area, the forestry industry is really important for many people’s jobs both in logging and the mills. however, these companies take measures to prevent deforestation by having a 2 for 1 policy for every tree they cut down 2 more are planted. I feel this reserve to be a good model and trend setter for the communities and reserves surrounding it. through education and leading by example, the progress in conservation and restoration made here can be revolutionary when put into action on a wider scale.

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