“That has been my principle throughout; not to buy anything but what was really good.”

February 5th, 2017

February kicked off with a Superbowl party, not only was this the first Superbowl I’ve watched it is the first football game I watched. but thanks to Vivyanne I had a semi-understanding of the game by the end, just in time to appreciate the excitement that was overtime. Dan’s team hosted the event as a fundraiser and it was quite humorous to watch the majority of the pub switch teams by the end of the game.

February 10th

The Museum Studies department at the University of Leicester had their exhibition opening and I was invited along to help my friends celebrate the opening of their exhibits.

The rest of the month was a lot of down time ‘focusing’ (well best intentions anyways). On my dissertation and attending classes which are finally back in progress.

February 26th

I made a day trip to London and started off at the Spencer House. I will give high praise to our tour guide. she seamlessly gave the history of the house, its use as offices, and its restoration giving create context and appreciation for the space filled with anecdotes connected to bring the stories extra value. (ok now I’m gushing). although tours are only available on Sunday I would definitely recommend.

17149090_10155111432202743_980187911_oI then made my way over to 18 Stafford terrace, which I had intended to visit many months ago after Leighton house (before the hangover got in the way). but I’m glad I went back. this residence was in private hands of the same family until it was opened to the public.


I finally went back to Brompton Cemetery even though I used to live in walking distance.  luckily the drizzle held off long enough and I ended the day in South Kensington at the Science Museum‘s Robot Exhibition. They started out with automations and robot in history before covering their depiction in popular culture. The exhibition ended with various robots and their stats (including how many have been purchased)


February 28th

In a happy coincidence, my class had a voluntary site visit to Althorp, the country seat of the spencer family sensing a trend). we were lucky enough to be invited in when the house is generally closed to the public, especially since this is still a family residence, the personal touches really added to the experience (ie Chris pratt on a magazine and board games in the library).


‘We have lived in this house ever since we were married and it has taken years to accumulate whatever treasure we possess. What you see is the very best. That has been my principle throughout; not to buy anything but what was really good. But it has taken time to accumulate. There has not been an unlimited exchequer to draw upon.’  Edward Linley Sambourne, interviewed in 1893

January March



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