Princesses and Topiaries

Day 13 May 13th, 2009

The Disney Animal Kingdom 9am-2pm

  • Of course, we had to go to the tree of life and go on ‘it’s tough to be a bug”
  • discover island trails
  • festival of the lion king (an absolute can’t miss)
  • Kilimanjaro safaris (ditto)
  • pnajani forest exploration trail
  • 17273971_10155141598112743_583587474_oand to round it off: expedition Everest.  so I believe I mentioned before my mom doesn’t like rollercoasters? well, I don’t think this was her favourite either. but I sure got a laugh out of it and the ride was great as well.
  • We also tried to find a ride we went on when we first visited and I was terrified and hid behind my dad (turns out it was hidden behind a kids section and we missed it, but I did get to go on it with friends on my next Disney visit)

Disney’s Epcot 2-730

  • Flower and Garen Festival


  • reimagined! spaceship earth
  • ellen’s energy adventure
  • mission space
  • journey into imagination with figment
  • honey, I shrunk the audience
  • and of course the world showcase
  • We ended the evening with Illuminations!

Downtown Disney Hollywood Studios


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